Pt Technology GmbH                                                  

We are your Partner for Technology and Process Engineering.

The primary focus of Pt Technology is to provide manufacturers, industrial and institutional alike, with platinum
based solutions within European markets.

As a partner of both fabricators and end-users of platinum-based technologies, we are committed to working
closely with you to design and implement innovative products and services, driving mutual success. Pt
Technology is your partner in Technology and Process, enhancing the Precious side of your product
with Platinum Group Metals.

Our desire is to offer a full rounded service to the market for high temperature applications. These services                                              include not only temperature measurement devices, but also Process Control designed to customer specifications.

As Managing Director of Pt Technology, Mark Foerch is the driving force behind this service oriented
company. Previously, Mark was employed by a global operating precious metal fabricator.
As Sales Director, Mark headed the “Engineered Products” division, which has equipped him with in-depth knowledge of the fabrication of Platinum Group Metals as well as a strong understanding of customer needs. This combination of market   knowledge, an aspiration for technological advancement and a commitment to providing customers with the best possible
solutions, has become the foundation of our company philosophy.

Pt Technology is your partner for mineral insulated thermocouples, thermocouple wires such as Tungsten-Rhenium, for high
temperature applications and Process Control.

"Customer oriented service, providing market driven solutions"